Smart Lock Firmware 2.8.x Beta

I have updated my lock to 2.8.1 and have bridge firmware 1.17.0. But batteryChargeState is not available in the API. This is the result of the list endpoint and it’s also not available in the lockState endpoint. Like some others I also had the issue where the battery type was not detected correctly.

        "deviceType": 0,
        "nukiId": xxxxxxx,
        "name": "Voordeur",
        "firmwareVersion": "2.8.1",
        "lastKnownState": {
            "mode": 2,
            "state": 3,
            "stateName": "unlocked",
            "batteryCritical": false,
            "doorsensorState": 2,
            "doorsensorStateName": "door closed",
            "timestamp": "2020-08-07T09:05:08+00:00"

What am I missing?

Seems like toggling the automatic battery detection is not enough. You have to manually set it to rechargeable and leave it there. After doing this the batteryChargeState became available.

Thanks for all your feedback. We will take a look at this and get back to you directly if further details would be helpful.

seems to be the key here, at least partially.
After doing this, the battery indicator appeared on my son’s, his iPhone is a guest in my home.
On my iPhone which is linked to the Homekit account --> nothing, no battery indicator.

Can anyone tell me how to install this beta?
I requested the beta functionality with lock it and got response from nuki but I dont know how to install a beta? It doesnt tell me that there is a beta available…

You should get an email invite from apple to test it via the Test Flight Program, or at least i did when I joined beta many months ago

With the newest Nuki iOS App Beta (APP UPDATE: Nuki iOS App 2.6.8-Beta) in the Battery report (tap 7 times on the info text below the “Automatically” switch to get it) the battery in % value is also shown.

@PharaDos In the Android App the critical value in the (hidden) battery report is shown as “yes” with the new Smart Lock Beta firmware due to a bug which will be fixed in one of the next updates. Please ignore it and only check the “official” Battery state on top when testing for now.

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I realized only with the latest two upgrades to newer SL Beta versions that the upgrade mechanism changed - no need anymore to hold the button on the SL and no restart of the lock. The latter was always a pain for me, because my SL is fixed to turn only 360 degree as the 360-720 degree turn is more difficult due to additional hooks are locking the door; so I had to open the door everytime when upgrading the SL firmware, to avoid stress on the SL.
In summary: I am not sure if this update procedure has been changed in the app or in the SL, but for me it is a big improvement.

Would also love to see that easier update procedure for the Opener, as mine is installed hidden and I can’t access it easily…

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Original post has been updated with release notes for Smart Lock 2.0 Beta 2.8.2 .

After upgrade to 2.8.2 from 2.8.1 the percentage are gone in API list

Check if the automatic battery recognition changed itself from rechargable battery to alkali. Because this was the case again on my lock after the recent update.

Yes I can confirm it was also at my locks so. But the battery level percent is still gone. Look like the bridge won’t send the new json anymore

Interesting, after night mode ended the new battery percent appears again.
But the firmware show still 2.8.1 in bridge list request

Original post has been updated with release notes for Smart Lock 2.0 Beta 2.8.3.

The newly introduced Keypad Battery status can for now only be tested with the latest Keypad Beta 1.7.0 in combination with the Bridge API. Please refer to this post for further information:


After the update to 2.8.3 the Nuki is almost useless. It senses the door to be locked by just turning few degrees and unlocked but turning few degrees. The 720 degree lock setting is not working anymore. In brief the Nuki Smart Lock is not locking anymore.

Original post has been updated with release notes for Smart Lock 2.0 Beta 2.8.4 .

The latest public bridge release has the long awaited feature „ring callback“ for the opener, is there e release date for the lock an opener Public versions to use it?

Thanks, Alex

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Hi, do you know a possibility to get the batteryChargeState also without the NUKI pack installed?
Is there a Bridge API Command to set the “rechargeable”?

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Dont know and I switched to a Nuki 3 Pro with MQTT so cant really help either.

Don’t you have disconnection problem with MQTT and Nuki 3 Pro?