Smart Lock App - Energy-saving mode - Time scheduler - save battery

Product name
Nuki Smart Lock App

Energy-saving mode with Time scheduler.

Integrate a Time scheduler at Energy-saving mode to save battery life.

This feature is needed to save battery life if the user has set Fast or Medium response with bluetooth devices during day time.
Sometimes Nuki Fob does not response to Nuki Smart Lock in Automatic or Slow and I need to press another time to button to open the door. Automatic from Energy-saving mode should be removed and added Time scheduler.

For night time I set to Energy-saving mode a Time scheduler for bluetooth slow response from 20:00 to 07:00 to save battery life. After 07:00, Energy saving will go automaticaly last time set by user: Fast, Medium or Slow.

If you leave the Energy-saving-mode to automatic several different strategies are used to save battery life. The behavior has slightly changed with the latest 2.7.x Firmware Update, esp. regarding the need to press the button several times on the fob. You should try it again and see if this solves the problem for you.

Hello Jürgen!
I try to open the door with FOB, after some tests with automatic it seems does not work. Sometimes to automatic energy save, FOB does not responds to the first push, only at second time. Now I set manual to medium.

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