Smart Lock API programming

Hello !

I just recieved my new Smart Lock (2.0) and my Bridge and now I am trying to tell the API, that if someone opens the door, a link on my laptop should pop up.

Now I spend about 6 hours looking at all entries in this forum, but I didn’t find anything useful.

Some info’s:

  • I activated Nuki Web
  • In the Swagger UI on the bottom it says “Error”

Looking forward to your answers.

Hi Tobias!

In Nuki Web activate the Web API (if not already done):

You can use the API key there to test out the API at

We currently do not have webhooks ready for status changes though you can see at the swagger interface that some basic preparations have been done when we released the new push notifications for our Apps.

Would you need this information instantly or just check the state regularly via the Web API?


This should only be some configuration issue with no impact on the API.

Thank you for your reply !

Ok, on IFTTT I created a applet, which sends a notification on my phone, if someone unlocks the door and when I click on the notification a tab opens. Temporarily I can deal with this, but please let me know somehow, when you add this feature to your services.

Thank you !

Can I somehow make it work, that I get a notification on my computer if the door unlocks, because webhooks as you mentioned dont work.

Will you add support for this in the near future? This is vital for developing real-time triggered flows.
Since there’s currently no Azure Logic Apps nor Azure Functions support for Nuki, I’m considering the implementation for these myself. Not having a real-time trigger mechanism, reduces it’s usefulness.
Having said this, I’m still looking into the possibility of directing bridge callbacks into an endpoint to work as webhook, even if there’s the on-site configuration restriction. What I’m looking for is have the ability to do on the Azure stack what you already support on IFTTT, but with all the extra benefits an capability.