Smart Lock (4th generation) Firmware Beta 4.1.x

Connection lost in Homekit bug and Battery level only 100% bug. IOS 17.4 and Homepod Software 17.4,

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I was only able to activate remote access via Thread for one of my two Smart Lock 4.0 Pro. On the second device, “activating remote access…” spins for a few seconds, then disappears and the switch remains disabled.

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Original post has been updated with release notes for the Smart Lock Beta 4.1.4 and Smart Lock Beta 4.1.5.
These Beta versions include several stability improvements for the remote access connection via Thread as well as for the WiFi connection.

We kindly ask all of you to update your Smart Locks manually with the Nuki App to version 4.1.4 and let the update to the version 4.1.5 then happen automatically over night.:rotating_light:

As usual please provide your feedback via this channel - thank you!

Additional information on the new Smart Lock firmware and the remote access capabilities

With the new firmware the Smart Lock implements the ability to provide the full remote access capabilities via the Nuki app by using the Thread uplink from a Matter pairing if it is supported by your Matter hub*. There are several ways on how this feature can be enabled, depending on the Smart Lock variant and its surroundings:

Option 1 - Smart Lock with Nuki Bridge

If your Smart Lock is paired to a Nuki Bridge you can cut this connection by opening the Matter settings in the Nuki App and clicking onto the button Delete Bridge connection, after that the remote access via Matter is automatically established. If you have a non Pro Smart Lock a one-time payment is necessary to activate it.


Option 2 - Smart Lock with activated WiFi

If your Smart Lock is connected to WiFi it will automatically close this connection and establish the remote access connection via Thread. If the Thread network does not provide an internet connection or becomes unavailable it will continue to use WiFi.


Option 3 - Smart Lock is connected via Thread, but shall be changed to WiFi

If you want to change the remote access connection from Thread to WiFi you have to simply disable the Remote Access in the Matter settings. After that ensure that WiFi is correctly set up.


Option 4 - Smart Lock is connected via Thread, but shall be changed to Nuki Bridge

If you want to change the remote access connection from Thread to a Nuki Bridge you have to simply pair the Nuki Bridge using the Nuki app. This will automatically turn off the remote access via Thread

*Please keep in mind that the remote access via Thread is for now only supported by Apple devices (HomePod, HomePod Mini, Apple TV) and Home Assistant.

I still cannot enable debug mode after upgrading Smart Lock Pro 4 to 4.1.5, get the same message that I should upgrade it first.

Would it possibly be different when I try from an Android device instead of iOS?

Hi, with version 4.1.4 lock disconnects randomly from matter. HA matter addon shows:

2024-02-10 15:22:45 core-matter-server matter_server.server.device_controller[131] INFO Attempting to resolve node 8… (attempt 2 of 2)
2024-02-10 15:23:16 core-matter-server chip.DIS[131] ERROR Timeout waiting for mDNS resolution.
2024-02-10 15:23:30 core-matter-server chip.DIS[131] ERROR OperationalSessionSetup[1:0000000000000008]: operational discovery failed: src/lib/address_resolve/AddressResolve_DefaultImpl.cpp:119: CHIP Error 0x00000032: Timeout
2024-02-10 15:23:30 core-matter-server matter_server.server.device_controller[131] WARNING Unable to subscribe to Node 8 as it is unavailable, will retry later in the background.
2024-02-10 15:24:10 core-matter-server matter_server.server.device_controller.[node 8][131] INFO Setting up attributes and events subscription.
2024-02-10 15:24:20 core-matter-server matter_server.server.device_controller.[node 8][131] INFO Subscription succeeded

After removing and inserting the batteries it connects again (done at 15:24h).

Randomly online stops working but it is available with matter.

I can’t update, it stays like this for minutes and does nothing.

Same here.

Thread remote connection is sometimes lost. Firmware 4,1.5. Reconnection only works by removing the Locks battery for some seconds.
Don’t know exactly if this would happen in FW 4.1.3 too…. as this version runs only for 3-4 days. But during this testing period it never happened in 4.1.3.
In 4.1.5 it happened 2 times in one day.

Original post has been updated with release notes for the Smart Lock Beta 4.1.6
This Beta improves the reconnect handling for WiFi connections as well as the performance of the Thread radio, therefore we are asking all of you suffering from a bad WiFi connection to install this build and to provide feedback on the overall connection stability with this Beta build.

Thank you! :pray:


Now thread communication is very good with this version of firmware. Just turn on the Nuki application and you are connected.

Thanks Stefan!

No problems with thread connection but online is not very reliable, but not sure if the problem is with the nuki iself, HA matter addon or HA OpenThread Border Router addon…

Since the lattests beta updates I have the disconnect events (like other users) but I have experienced a couple of times that the unlach “open” but not releases and stay blocked until I press the button. Any body in the same case or its only my nuki device (I dont see this behaviour until the lattes beta firmwares)

Battery level still on 100 % bug.

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Lock & go function sometimes is activated with just one click when nuki is configurated with 2.