Smart Lock 3.0 Pro Opens several times after upgrading to firmware 3.5.8 with mqtt

Hello friends,
Since March 5th, 2024, my Smart Lock 3.0 Pro has opened several times via MQTT when receiving the command lockAction = 3 after upgrading to firmware 3.5.8.
For seven months I have had no problem with mqtt via iobroker and now after 7 months with firmware 3.5.8 I have a problem!

Has anyone noticed the same phenomenon?
And how do we get this solved quickly?

sorry for my bad English
Schöne Grüße,

I can also confirm that until before the firmware update 3.5.8 the Nuki only opened once when actionlock3. Now the Nuki 3.0 pro always opens 5 times. When I asked for support about a downgrade, I received a negative message. It is not possible to downgrade to a previous firmware. I work with iobroker and nuki via mqtt

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