Smart lock 3.0 Pro force update to Firmware v. 3.7.7 - > Firmware v. 3.8.7


I have an issue with my Smartlock 3.0 pro.
Firmware is still at version 3.7.7.
Here in the forum, I see that the new version (v 3.8.7) has been released, but the Nuki app does not offer me the update to this new version. Nuki-App says, there is no new Firmware available.
I have Wifi Issues, and maybe will be fixed after updating.(sometimes Smartlock lost the wifi connection).

How or what can I force to update my Smartlock?

Hello Cifi,

Thanks for reaching out and expressing your concern.
The Firmware release is currently being rolled out in stages and the Smart Locks will automatically receive the update in the upcoming days.

Please stay tuned.

The update hasn’t happened yet.
How many days until it is updated?

Hello, 8 Days or Longer, but my Nuki don’t found the Update to 3.8.7.

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Today nuki saw the update. I updated to fw version 3.8.7.
Unfortunately, the wifi problem is still there. (sometimes Smartlock lost the wifi connection)