Smart lock 3.0 PRO Beta - firmware size

Dear Developers!

I have applied to become a BETA software tester. I would like to ask, how big is the BETA firmware size? about 1MB? Is it just an update, or does it contains all files witch overwrite the whole system?

It is installed over the air like a regular update. Same process.

As betas have higher version numbers than regular releases and there is no downgrade option, you can not reinstall the latest stable release. You can only update to the next beta or stable release once it becomes available.

Betas are usually quite stable and have been tested & used internally for some time before they are released in the beta channel.

Do these installation files contain the main system components? For example: “Encryption algorithms”, wifi drivers, or other drivers, majde door opener code generator components?

After the first configuration, my nuki 3.0 PRO smart lock can’t connect to the Internet, with the installation wizard and without the installation wizard, the connection is not established after the first “setup” process.

The solution is to restart the connection process 2x in the settings menu. What problem could cause this? Is one of the drivers not working? In fact, that’s why I was , would like to know that the wireless installer files overwrite only part or all of the firmware?

Is it possible to diagnose and repair these major faults remotely with connected to the device? Can you check my device?

An update does not come in separate files. Its one firmware image, similar to an iOS update. Which functions have changed or what is new and should be tested is mentioned in the release notes here in the forum.

Regarding your problem:
Some networks are slow in connecting, which could lead to timeouts and connection retries. This could also be the reason why you are asked twice to connect. What exactly is going on can only be diagnosed when you send log files to the support team through the Nuki App.

When you are part of the beta the Smart Lock will also create additional logs and report some of the in real time to Nuki, which will help to do faster & better diagnosis.

The latest beta does also contain WIFI stability improvements, which might solve your problems at all.