[Smart Lock 2.0] Firmware 2.7.30 - Door Sensor Problem

Since I updated to 2.7.30 the trap do not release by opening the door. The trap only releases after the time set.
The sensor itself works. When open the lock‘s indicator indicates that it’s open and the other way round. Also the app indicates the right status.
Only the trap doesn’t release when open the door.


Same problem here. The auto release of the latch worked in the past firmware version but stopped working with the current firmware.
The behavior switched back to the old one, where the latch is only released after the time configured in the settings (not triggered by the door sensor).
Thank you very much for fixing!

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Hi @Friedi and @felixmueller,

the Smart Lock 2.0 - 2.7.30 firmware is actually behaving in the expected way.
Please both check your activity logs and verify, whether or not the door sensor is working nicely or if there are any logs indicating misbehavior (f.ex. jammed door sensor logs).

In any case I’m highly recommending to re-calibrate your door sensor and check the behavior once again.

Thanks and best regards

@Stefan Reitener,

I have the same problem, but ony from time to time. Nothing in the log that is indikating that something ist wrong. Did a complete recalibration right after the update because the lock reacted strange after it.

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Hi. Recalibrated several times. As I wrote the sensor itself works fine. But the latch is not being released as soon as open.
In the version before I had no problem. The latch has been released as soon the door was open.

Same here …

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I notice after update to 2.7.30 firmware, key turns wrong. But my Nuki SL has been custom calibrated by me before.
After an operation to open and lock the door from App, Nuki works ok as before the update firmware.
S. Reiterer … please do not do auto calibration after a firmware update to Nuki SL, remove this auto calibration!

Actually this has nothing to do with the topic of this thread!

I yesterday charged my batteries and put them back in, so the lock rebooted. The behavior of the lock now seems to work as expected.