Smart Lock 2.0 Firmware 2.6.0 Beta

We released the new Smart Lock firmware version 2.6.0-Beta.

What’s new?

  • Lock’n’go optimizations
  • Position detection stabilization

Please update your Nuki Smart Lock and give us your feedback!

Works fine for me. No Problems.

I do not see the beta version anymore.
can you reactivate this for me?

It should still be available.

  • Did you already update?
  • Are you shure your Smart Lock is still in the Beta group?
  • Did you try to manually check for an update in the App?

on the app it shows me only the version 2.5.4

I have the Nuki 2.0 for 3 months it may be that he is of course no longer in the beta group

can you take him back to the beta group?

thanks dani

Please send me your Smart Lock ID via PM; then I can check it.

Hallo Herr Lendl,

ich habe auch erhebliche Probleme mit dem Smart Lock und der aktuellen Software Version 2.5.4. Können Sie mir auch ermöglichen das 2.6.0 Update aufzuspielen?

Mit freundlichen Grüßen

So far no problems on my side.
New notifications work fine.
Didn’t notice any issues with legacy features

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Installed beta firmware 2.6.0. after problems with firmware 2.5.4.
No problems until now. :star_struck:

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See my answer to your PM. :slight_smile: