Smart Lock 2.0 Firmware 2.5.0 Beta

With this Beta firmware update the Smart Lock 2.0 now supports multiple Bluetooth connections simultaneously.

Release notes:

  • BLE Multi Connect
  • Last access and Number of locking operations added to user information
  • Performance improvements and minor bug fixes

Please update your Nuki Smart Lock and give us your feedback!

Where can I see last access and number of locking operations? In iPhone app?

You can see those information at the user management details.
In the iPhone App you get ther via

Settings -> Manage user -> click on username -> click on :information_source: in the top right corner

But keep in mind that the counter only started with the firmware upgrade.

What does “sperrvorgänge/locking operations” actually mean?
Does it mean lock operations that have been issued via the app of the user?
If so, I am not sure about the value of that information.

Other than this, I haven’t noticed any issues with the new SL 2.0/ FW2.5

Operations on the Smart Lock. So, yes, it is not a value with high informative value.

For me, the two values are helpful to distinguish old, unused authorizations from new ones.