Smart Lock 2.0 Firmware 2.4.4-Beta

We released the new Smart Lock 2.0 Firmware version 2.4.4-Beta.

What’s new?

  • Fixed: After a factory reset the pairing sometimes only worked on the second attempt.
  • Fixed: Minor bug in the battery report.
  • Performance improvements and further minor bug fixes.

Please update your Nuki Smart Lock and give us your feedback!

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I tried to install, but i get an error “fehlgeschlagen”. Than the nuki makes a restart … But when i will update, i get the same error “fehlgeschlagen” and the nuki makes a restart. The same at the antoher nuki i have. 2.4.2.

Can you help me?


Solved. I tried it again from iOS, than it worked.


I still have multi-unlocks when users (typically it’s one user at a time only) get impatient and press unlock several times on their smartphone app. Then at some point the SL opens several times. Isn’t it possible to surpress the following unlocks immediately after the successful one, especially if made by the same user?


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Yes, we’ll take care of that in a future App update. But can’t give an ETA yet.

Starting with 2.4.4. Beta and 2.4.5 I have the problem that after Unlocking (+Auto Unlock) the Smartlock isn’t able to (fully) pull the latch on first try. I’ve to wait until it releases the latch and try again. It works on second try.

I’m not using the lock manually and did several recalibrations.

Any suggestions?

I have heard also from my daughter once that the SL didn’t open the door - which means it didn’t pull the latch completely
I can’t offer any logs of that, sorry.

(Firmware: SL 244 Beta and latest public Android version)

I have had the same on the last 3 beta’s
Sometimes the latch is not pulled, Nuki clicks but does not pull the latch. Locking the door en opening it will solve this.
In my case when I see this problem the only way to pull the latch is to completely lock and unlock the door.
This only happens when the door is closed but unlocked.

I did not know that this was something that others had, I will send the log next time it happens.