Slow/no status update on nuki web, correct status in iPhone App


first of all: Great to have a developer touchpoint for a commercial product. Really appreciate this!

My goal is to link the locked status to my alarm system via iobroker.
However, the lock status is not being reliably updated. Sometimes, it works, more often, it simply receices no status updates at all. The iobroker uses nuki web to gather information. If I check the status on Nuki Web, the information is simply not there (so it’s a Nuki rather than an iobroker issue).

Strange thing is that the status in the iPhone app is always correct. Remote access works and also the connection status in the app states that it has server connection via Wifi. Any ideas?

I’m using the Smart Lock Pro via Wifi + Nuki Keypad 2.

OK, after some testing back and forth I think I can narrow down the issue: The “locked = true” status seems to work just fine. If I lock the door, Nuki Web shows the new status within seconds. However, locked=false will be only updated on Nuki Web when forced (via API sync or GUI).