Slow and unreliable response via bridge callbacks

I everybody,

for a smart home system it is useful to have the information if someone is home or not. For me it was one of the reasons why I bought this smart lock but it turns out, that i cant get this information reliable and fast from the nuki bridge callback api.

I am using iobroker with the nuki 2.0 adapter and configured it to use the bridge api with the callback functionality. But the state changes of the lock are not received reliable and also not immediately. So it can not be used to turn on and off all lights when someone enters the building or leaves for example. A more critical use case is to retract the awning when no one is home and prevent it from being damaged by storm (which would make a high sophisticated weather sensor unnecessary).

Is there anything which I can do to improve this? Is there a problem with the iobroker implementation or is the callback api not very reliable and slow by design (because other processes in the nuki are more important) ? What about the bluetooth api?


Same problem. Response time up to 45 sec. My NUKI Bridge has software 1.13.1

Using hombridge with node js the response time and reliability is good: Status Response time 45 sec

I have the same problem. Callbacks are unreliable and very slow… makes them very difficult and useless.

Does anyone know if this issue fixed in upcoming FW releases for the Bridge? I currently have FW 2.2.13, I hope this is fixed soon…


Put me on the List! Have a NodeRed-Setup.
Needs 10s and more … inbetween the Delivery-Guy is gone.

Voting for a fix, too, having the same problem - but not that extreme: about 10 s. My setup is SmarthomeNG with Nuki plugin, Nuki and Bridge of Generation 1. I use this feature to turn on the light in front of my house when the door is unlocked.
Please reduce the reaction time, so that my first steps out of the house do not have to be taken in the dark.

Absolutely with you. This is one of the big shortcomings of Nuki compared to Nello for example. Callbacks and Notifications take ages to be delivered and it seems to almost always come from the Bridge itself.