SL4 Pro does not respond to MQTT. What am I doing wrong?


I recently got a Nuki 4 Pro and wanted to integrate it into my existing network, in which mosquitto is already running as a broker on a Raspberry Pi. I have added the SL to the WLAN and registered it with the MQTT broker. I read the topics via the MQTT explorer and there is also feedback from the SL. Communication is therefore available. When I close or open via the smartphone, I also get messages such as

nuki/(ID-Nuki)/lockActionEvent 3,0,2550340884,0,0

If I then publish this message to the topic, nothing happens, even if I send

nuki/(ID-Nuki)/lock/action 3,0,2550340884,0,0


to the topic or even just send 1 or 2 or lock or unlock the SL does not react. Regardless of whether I send with QOS0, 1 or 2.
Am I using the wrong topics? What am I doing wrong?

Firmware is 4.2.8
MQTT-Connection from SL to Broker is connected and stable.

Greetings Jürgen