SKS HT 4600 or RITTO 1763070

I would like to install the Nuki Opener in my condominium. The problem… It does not work.
I currently have a SKS HT 4600 device connected, here I get after I pick up the phone and press the buzzer the feedback in the APP “Not compatible”.

I thought I would just order a Ritto 1763070, connect the thing and then I could just connect the Nuki Opener. The problem… :
The Ritto gets power all nice, just … it doesn’t ring when someone rings…
I also can’t hear anything over the earpiece, but the thing is on, because I can adjust the volume of the ringing.

Well… Is there a solution to this to use the SKS? If no… Does anyone know how to connect the Ritto device to make it work?
I still have white and black cables in the wall that are not connected to the SKS, if it’s interesting…

thanks for nothing <3