Single Invite Link for Multiple Locks via API

Hello everyone,

Through Nuki Web, I can create a user and assign permissions for two locks (Opener and Smart Lock 3.0) simultaneously. This generates an email containing a single link. With this link, the guest can then add both locks simultaneously in the Nuki smartphone app.

I would like to automate this process via the API. If I understand the documentation correctly, this should work with PUT and “/smartlock/auth”. Multiple IDs can be specified under “smartlockIds”: [ ], correct?

The parameters “type” and “code” seem to be mandatory, but it appears that “code” is only for the keypad, and I do not use a keypad. I also don’t fully understand the “type” parameter, as I want to create permission for both the Opener and Smart Lock simultaneously. As mentioned, in the end, a link should be sent to the guest containing permissions for both locks.

Thank you very much.

Best regards,

Hello Tom,

Yes, you are right - PUT /smartlock/auth can be used.

The code is only for Keypad.
For Keypad, type = 13

Do you have the Opener connected with a Keypad? If yes, then you can create an auth for Opener too with type =13.
if not, you must create an auth with type =0, which means, Nuki will create an invite code that can be redeemed in the Nuki App.

When you create an auth with type =0, 2 different invite codes will be created, one each for Opener and Smart Lock and the guest has to redeem both the codes in the Nuki App.