Since months issues with Rental API, Nuki support bad


I´m using the short rental feature, means I´m a subscription customer. From time to time, PIN codes cannot be delivered to Nuki. I get then an error email from nuki that the locks are not reachable. The locks are perfectly reachable, internet is stable.
I observed that in such situation, Nuki Web tells the locks are not reachable BUT the Nuki IOS App tells the locks are reachable and I can also do changes on the locks like creating PINs manually. During Nuki Web is telling locks are not reachable, it is trying to activate the Pins. You can see that in the Nuki Rental UI but after some time it fails. During that time, I´m able to fully do something on the locks with the IOS App.

So seems the issue is with Nuki Web with some stability issues.
Please Nuki, fix that issue. Please don´t tell me I should create a customer ticket. This is so far the badest customer support which I had so far.
If this will not be fixed, I will cancel the paying subscription because currently I cannot make sure that my guests can enter my property and I´m paying a lot of money for this API which doesn´t work because I have always to create Pins manually on behalf of Rental API or have to manual click on Redo. Then I don´t see a purpose for this and to pay something. Then I can do it bymyself as the effort will be the same.