Since last update increased battery usage of App

Since the last update of the app the app is using so much of my battery. I did not change any settings, however my battery is empty after half a day instead of one and a half day. What has happened?

What app (iOS, Android) and version are you using?

exactly the same issue (Android)

Yes, it is also the android app.

I think since the update my door locks itself after entering my flat. Pretty sure I did not change any settings.

I’m having the same problem now. The Nuki Android App is draining my battery. Is the first app draining battery, even more than Instagram.

What is happening?

Of course, I want to use the full app and I dont want to disable the features of proximity.

Please contact our support via the Nuki App (Menu > Help > Contact Customer Support) as this is an individual problem and might require sharing logs and other sensitive data.