Simply Ring-Door system with Nuki Opener

Hallo community,
i think i have a simple Quastion, maybe. I own a Nuki Opener and a Bridge. The opener is connectet with a Gira System 55 but only as an Opener, without Doorbell support. My Question is, i want to integrade a simly Ring door bell system parallel to the gira, without a seperatly bell/ or with, i´m thinking about… The system will be as shown in this Link How do i have to conncet the Nuki opener to this system, and what is te best usage Voltage, 8,12,18 or 24V. I thing this is the cheapest solution to use it with Stupid Gira cryptet BUS.
is it posslible to connect the opener instad of the bell, and how?
So thanks in advance.

This is an „external bell“ setup and means basically that you connect your digital intercom in an analogue way. Could work when properly configured. Best way is to contact Nuki support for further assistance.

Hey Jürgen,
Thanks for reply, Mail was just send to support,