Significant delay in Opener

I have installed Nuki Opener without the Bridge and enabled Auto Unlock. But I see significant delays before doors are opened.
In “Last Auto Unlock” menu I see 12s delay between “Opener found” and “Auto Unlock completed”. What could be the reason for this long delay? Could it be signal strength issue?

In most cases it‘s a „sleeping“ phone (and therefore a too late Geofence enter).

Whats the time difference between Geofence entered and Auto Unlock completed on the „Last Auto Unlock“ screen?

Do not think it is this case. I am always coming home with Google Maps navigation, so the phone is On with up-to-date precise position.

In “Last Auto Unlock” menu I see:
Geofence enter: 16:31:30
Opener found: 16:32:17
Auto Unlock completed: 16:32:29

Problem is the delay between opener found and auto unlock activated.

Debug Log sent by email as requested.

If it is a signal strength problem, is it possible to attach better/remote antenna to the Opener?