Siedle VIB 150-0

I have a Siedle VIB 150-0 intercom and struggle to configure it correctly. I think I connected it correctly but I get somewhat stuck in the config. It looks like the intercom has to be activated by ringing to open the door which is fine. But I can’t get thru the config.

I press the door opener, go outside, ring, open the door. All that works. After that the app asks me twice to ring again expecting the door opens which it doesn’t and I confirm that the door didn’t open. I than confirm that the Bell is ringing from the outside door.

Next, app asks if the intercom has to be activated which, if confirmed, starts the config again (go inside and press the door opener on the intercom) and I end up in a config loop.

If I deny that the intercom needs to be activated the config finishes successfully but now I can’t open the door via the button on the phone. Do I ring, which activates the intercom for 30 sec, I can open the door.

The ring to open is not really reliable either. It works sometimes and next time not.

I set a delay of 3 sec before opening by and didn’t enable any ring suppression.

Does anyone have experience with that intercom? I’m fine to help to get this product running by participating in the beta program

Hello Alexander,

Do I ring, which activates the intercom for 30 sec, I can open the door. > Do you mean by pressing the button in the app or by pressing the button on the intercom itself?
If you are not able to actuate the electric strike by app, it may take too long to enter the building again and the intercom activation has already expired in the meantime. In that case, can you please try to configure your opener with the help of a second person?
Did you verify, that doorbell recognition is working reliably? Every time the Opener recognizes a doorbell ring, it adds an entry to the activity log.
Best regards

Hi George, thx for your answer.

I meant, I ring on the bell at the outside door, not the app. This activates the intercom inside the apartment. Now I can press the open button in the app and the door will open. That usually works all the time. Pressing only the open button in the app, never works. That’s why I assumed that the intercom has to be activated to open the door. This is fine and in my case it is even somewhat preferable, if I use only ring to open. But that doesn’t work reliable.

The intercom stays activated for a long time if I ring, at least 30 sec (we did that with 2 people) I can also confirm, that it rings every time reliably if I press the Bell button at the outside door but I don’t see any entry in the log which indicates a door bell ring. I will check that again. Can you confirm that the installation is correct?

Can you please add the blue intercom cable to the green one in the clamp and try a reconfiguration?

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Sry for my late answer. I had only now the chance to test it and your suggestion seems to do the trick. It works now as it’s supposed to do. The door opens when I press “open” without the need to activate the intercom. Also “ring to open” works as designed. I tested it on iOS and Android. A reconfig was not necessary for me. Thx a lot.