Siedle BTSV 850-03 Double door handling

Managed to install Opener with Siedle BTSV 850-03 with the instructions and with the ring to open delay on 3 seconds it works on one door…

The building has one main door from outside, and another one after the postboxes which is opened in a similar way. So there are 2 similar door panels downstairs. Normally the Siedle intercom opens and answers the door that has been last called from. I configured the opener with the second door, and that one is also the one that opens through the app (whenever I want) or when I activate ring to open (with 3s delay).
Unfortunately the opener does not open the door when I ring the first door.
Probably I can also configure the opener to open only the first door, but the the 2nd one will not work.
Ideally the opener will open both doors through ring to open and the open button would then just open the last one.
Is this a known problem? Any solution?

This is the situation before installing.

Hi Stanley, I am sorry, but at the moment we are only able to open a single door.
Best regards