Siedle BFS 850 02

Hello. I just bought the Nuki Opener and Bridge and was really looking forward to making my calling smart.

After following the instructions carefully, I have connected the Nuki Opener. The problem occurs when I try to setup/configure the device in the app.

The setup registers that I press “open” on the calling, it also registers that I press call from outside.

The problem occurs at the last part of the setup, opening via the app. When I press open in the app, nothing happens.

I have spent hours now on control checking and re-configuring. Nothing works. Can someone please help me?

This was my initial setup.

After following the instructions it looked like this:

Customer Support replied to me with a generic «alternative» to re-wire. I tried, the intercom itself works, but Nuki won’t let me finish the setup. Therefore I wired everything back to the original instruction.

Please help me out here, as this has taken a lot of time and energy by now…

Hello Julian, Could somebody help you with your Problem? I have the Same Hardware and the Same Problem Right now…

Thank you very much.

No. The support just gave me standard advice. Still not working after all this time.