Siedle 850-02 Opener Bell suppression does not work

My actuall situation:
System: Siedle 850-02
Nuki: Lock2.0, Opener, Gateway, Keypad

The Opener is working fine but the Bell suppression is not working.
The Opener opens the door a few seconds afer someone hits the groundfloor button. This is fine but the Siedle Ring is very annoying.
There are 3 Options “Bell suppression all the time”, “Bell suppression while Ring2Open” and “Bell suppression while continuous mode”
I have tried all of them… unsuccessful

Also tried to modify the Bell suppression active and inactive value
Someone at developer.nuki is talking about 3000…
Standart is inactive 2000 and active 4000. I have tried fom 0 till 65000 several values. No success.

I did a reset and resetup again. No success.

Siedle has a mute button so the opener is ringing only but the doorbell button in front of my apartment door isnt working while the Siedle System is muted all the time.

Is it possible to include the 3rd cable? called “ERT” = “floor call button” to use the opener only?

Do you have any idea?