Shorter opening time interval for Nuki opener

Product name

Nuki Opener


Add option to set open time interval of less than 1 seconds to increase intercom compatibility.


Extended opening timing options below 1 second.


There are still many intercoms that are not nativley supported by nuki opener. Nevertheless, with a little more effort, the opener can be directly connected to the intercom’s printed circuit boards, since the opener features simple push button commands,
Many intercom buttons (momentary switch) are debounced and/or will discard input signal durations of greater than 1 second (currently minimum opening time of the opener).
The option to set opening times of less than 1 second (e.g. either custom values or steps of 50 to 100ms) will enable skilled Nuki customers to easier adapt to their individual intercoms without the need of more complex knowledge of electronics. Ideally, the opener hardware should already be able to execute short timings. Extending the user options of the Nuki App is of low effort.


Gira AP 1250 is not natively supported by Nuki Opener. Nevertheless the opener is able to push the Opening Button by shorting the button contacts. In the case of the Gira Intercom, the opening time of the opener is too long to be acknowleged, resulting in poor opening reliability. Practically, repeated opening commands are needed to actually open the door.