Shelly & nuki

Hi guys, I would like to use a Shelly 1 with my NUKI devices.
In particular I would like to turn on a light when unlocking an opener or a smart look. Do you think it is possible?

it is possible when you activate the shelly cloud api from the shelly app .you get a url , then use ifttt for example to trigger the url . when nuki doorbell rang then call…( your shellyapiurl )

Thank you very much I have created an app to turn on the light with OPENER and SHELLY and it works well but unfortunately only if I open with the nuki app and not with the keyboard.
I selected “all users” in the creation phase but nothing changes. Do you have any suggestions?

You could use ioBroker to link your devices

It’s a bit complex for me especially with a macbook, have other solution?

I use homeassitant and webhook for this.

Without Middleware like Homeassitant, iobroker, openhab, fhem,… I think this will not work.

You can create an webhook in nukibridge but Shelly can not check the content of the message. Every nuki action will trigger shelly. I think that’s not want you want.

Actually I want the opening of a Nuki Opener to turn on the light in a room connected to a Shelly 1. I have already succeeded by creating an applet on the IFTTT site but the light turns on only if I use the APP or Nuki WEB and not the keypad Nuki.