Shadow Device or Offline Status for Nuki

Product name

All Nuki devices on Nuki Web


As a property manager I manage dozens of nuki devices via API automations. Unfortunately, not all my Nuki devices are online at the moment I need to modify codes and permissions so a lot of changes get lost. I want a Web API feature to interact against a Offline mode of a device that eventually will sync with the real device once it is online again so no one of my changes are lost.


All Nuki Web devices should have a offline status version or “shadow” where I can apply changes that will eventually sync with the device as soon this one is online.


Connectivity problems in the field force us, managers, to look for alternatives to assure our changes are correctly applied in the devices to keep the security of our houses.


How would you like to use this feature?

    1. Situation: My device is offline at the moment I get a reservation so the triggers to create a new entrance code fails. Resolution: I create the code on the offline version in Nuki Servers of my device and the new entrance code will be created once the device gets online again and syncs with its offline/shadow status.