Severe WEB API response problem

Good morning,

The Nuki Web B2B support (request 443265 followed by Marko R.) did not find a solution to our problem and asked us to contact you directly on your developer forum.

We have started integrating Nuki locks and openers on our own Mobile App through your WEB API (locking, unlocking, obtaining lock status).

These Nuki locks and openers worked correctly initially through your web API (locking, unlocking, getting lock status)

However, for several weeks/months our customers have been complaining about the fact that the locking and unlocking commands either no longer work at all sometimes so are lost, or take a long time (from 40 seconds to 2 minutes).

We also experienced this problem on our test Nuki locks and openers.

We were able to verify on your server status page that no maintenance was in progress and that all your servers were operational.

The problem seems to mainly occur after 5 p.m. at the end of the day until 10 p.m. At the same time we wanted to know if the problem was general at the level of your server infrastructure, so we deactivated Bluetooth and we used your own Nuki mobile App and we did the test over Wifi (i.e. through your server infrastructure ) with perfect and immediate results. So the problem essentially comes from your API instance.

We have ruled out the probability of any problem at our level because we have two commands on our Mobile App side which execute at the same time when we press Lock or Unlock, and this second command - which makes a beep sound with an external speaker- is immediate .

Furthermore, the status of the Nuki Smart Lock that we obtain at the same time through your Web API does not seem to be impacted by this problem, we obtain the status very quickly, it is only the Locking or Unlocking commands that are implemented which pose a problem.

We are continuing to integrate other customers’ Nuki locks and Opener and this poses a serious business problem for us.

Indeed for our current customers this problem poses a serious problem of discredit on our Mobile App which may lead us to completely stop this project of integrating Nuki locks and Opener.

Could you handle our request with the greatest care by making an appointment with us during two or three days, around 6 p.m., and trying to watch live what happens on your WEB API server when we launch an order Locking or Unlocking that is not successful (very long delays, or total loss of the order)?

Best regards


Thanks for reaching out and we’re sorry that you are experiencing delays with the Web API.
We will investigate this issue on our end and come back to you for more details, if required.
Appreciate your patience while waiting for the resolution.

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Has a change been made to your Web API servers today because I was able to experience a clear improvement in the speed of processing Lock and Unlock commands through your Web API?

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We are continuously working on improving our infrastructure and yes, we were making regular changes on our infrastructure to improve latency. We are happy to receive your feedback, thank you!

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