Settings lost after battery removal!

Hi, i’ve noticed that all my settings are lost when i remove the battery from my smart lock 4 pro. Is that normal? If yes, than it’s really annoying! I even have to add the user again and send them new invites.

No. Settings are stored in a permanent storage when they are altered and survive a power outage.
Which settings exactly to you refer to?

Hi Jürgen, thank you for your quick answer. I mean all settings are lost: added users, auto lock settings, lock calibration, night mode etc…

How did you regain access then? Did you have to do a factory reset or were you still able to administer the lock with your Nuki App?

Just lost all settings when i removed the battery. I still have access afterwards, but i have to add everything anew.

I removed the batteries twice since i have the SL 4 pro and every time i had to add my settings again.

Because i had wifi problems too, i did a factory reset since the app update. Wifi reconnected.

Ok, thanks. This could only happen when there was a write action into the storage right when the power went off. We’ll check if we can improve that in future releases.
When taking out batteries it’s safer not to have the App open & connected at that time.

Hi Jurgen, okay thank you for the feedback. I probably had the app open when i removed the battery. I’ll keep an eye open when i remove the battery next time.