Setting up MQTT with Home Assistant

I’ve HA installed and running in my home and I’ve MQTT broker running along side with Zigbee2MQTT
I tried to find out how to connect my Nuki 3 Pro via MQTT as now I understand that without the external bridge I can’t integrate it with my home assistant (wish I knew it before…)

Searching in the documentation yield no step by step instructions.



The Nuki 3.0 Pro has integrated Wi-Fi. So you can connect via Wi-Fi to your network and then via MQTT to your home assistant.

If you don’t want to use the integrated Wi-Fi or you have the Nuki 3.0 without Pro, you can use GitHub - technyon/nuki_hub: Use an ESP32 as a Hub between a NUKI Lock and your smarthome. for example.

This connects also via MQTT to home assistant and acts as bridge.

So I’m using the integrated WIFI and I’m using MQTT Explorer and I do see the nuki topic there,
I’m now a bit confused on how to set the actual integration with homeassistant (the rest of my home automation is by zigbee > mqtt which have out of the box integrations)

If you enabled the option to expose the lock to Home assistant when you enabled MQTT in the Nuki app and have default parameters for MQTT auto-discovery in Home Assistant, it should be exposed automatically in Home Assistant, same as you know with Zigbee2MQTT.