Set battery max charge level if used with external power source

Product Name

NUKI Smart Lock


Feature Request for Customizable Battery Charge Level with External Power Source


The proposed feature involves allowing users to set a custom battery charge level range for the NUKI Smart Lock when connected to an external power source. Users can choose a specific range, such as 40% to 80%, and the lock will maintain its battery within this range. This feature would be adjustable via the NUKI app, giving users flexibility and control over the lock’s battery management.


Different user scenarios require different battery management strategies. This feature is essential to optimize the battery life and efficiency of the NUKI Smart Lock based on individual usage patterns, preventing the battery from staying at full charge, which degrades Lithium-Ion batteries over time.


  • Short-term Rental Properties: In cases like mine, where the property is rented out for short periods, the battery often runs out every few months. By attaching an external battery pack to the door, which is easier to charge or replace, the internal battery of the NUKI Smart Lock can be prevented from staying at 100% all the time, thus avoiding premature battery wear.
  • Customizable Battery Management: Users can set a lower maximum charge level, beneficial for those who are away from their homes for extended periods.
  • Seasonal Adjustments: The settings can be changed based on seasonal usage, like a higher charge level in winter due to decreased battery performance in cold temperatures.
  • Energy Efficiency and Sustainability: This feature would help in reducing unnecessary energy usage and battery waste, aligning with eco-friendly practices.

Incorporating this feature would not only enhance user convenience but also serve NUKI’s interests by reducing warranty claims related to battery issues. It’s a cost-effective approach for both the company and users, promoting longer battery life and sustainable product usage.

So basically a button for:
Set max charge to: 60%

The Smart Lock does not use Lithium cells and therefore does not require such a charging strategy. You can safely charge them full every time. If permanently powered, the PowerPacks electronics will recharge the battery once it drops below ~80%, keeping it always between 80-100%.

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ok, i see. For Ni-MH it’s not needed.