Set a timeout after nuki opens the door

Product name

NUKI lock


Allow to set a specific time to allow a new unlock.


Allow to set a specific time (seconds in my case) that after nuki unlocks / opens the door will not unlock again until the time set passes.


Sometimes the auto-unlock is not fast enough, so I grab my phone and use the “open door” icon on NUKI widget to have the door open. Then the auto-unlock detects my phone and opens the door, but the widget action also gets processed a few seconds later, effectively opening the latch twice, usually when I’m about to close the door.


I would like to set a time (5 seconds) if after NUKI opens the door receives another command to open the door within those 5seconds to discard the command (as probably the door is still open)

Not sure which operating system you have, but usually the phone is woken up by just pressing the power button, which usually also triggers Auto Unlock. So just pressing the power button while you approach the door might solve the need to unlock the phone and use the widget at all.

Waking the phone does not trigger the auto-unlock… After unlocking the phone, the auto-unlock will take around 15-20s (sometimes more) to actually trigger the auto-unlock.

I’ve a Xiaomi Mi10 (Android)