Session expired, RTO does not work

After I have written a request to the support on 06.04.2021, in which I was given so far only as a tip to set a web PIN, which does not solve the problem, however, and otherwise only the answer comes that the specialist department in 1-3 days will get in touch (which they do not), I now ask my question here in the hope that someone has the same problem.

I have a BFSV 850-03 system from Siedle. When wiring I already had the first deviation from the installation instructions. Instead of a TAM cable, there are 2 TAM cables in my system. I have then bridged these together and installed the opener.

After initial difficulties in the installation, it finally worked (including RTO).

In productive everyday life, however, RTO does not work. One rings but nothing happens. The ring suppression does not work either.

However, it is possible to open the door manually via APP.

Notifications do not work either, I always get the notification in the app after a few minutes that the session has expired and I was therefore logged out.

The bridge is in close proximity to the smartlock and opener and the smartlock does not have the problems with the expired session and works perfectly.

Could the issue have something to do with the duplicate TAM cable? How can I proceed? Should I check off the Nuki Opener project?

Due to all the delays in the support and the initial hope by phone call, the return period for the Opener at the Mediamarkt has already expired and they also refuse a return now.

In the attachment you can find the initial and the current cabling