Send confirmation when invitation code was redeemed

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Send confirmation when invitation code was redeemed


Whenever a code sent by invitation is redeemed send a notification/email/whatever to the owner of the SmartLock


We are using successfully the NUKI SmartLock on all our hosting properties (what a life saver it is, great job!). We send the invitation code via email to our guests, however we have no way of knowing if they redeemed the code at all or in due time, so we always ask them before arrival just to make sure, but it’s not the best way to do it. Also we had cases when guests insisted they redeemed the code, but can’t “use it” or some other bull**** reason (in 100% of cases it was their mistake). So it leads to rare, but unnecessary arguments. The SmartLock already can send a gazillion of notifications, i don’t think it is that difficult to add this one as well.


We send the invitation code via email.
The recipient redeems the code.
We are notified that the recipient redeemed the code successfully or not.

Also, if possible, can the redeeming period (currently 48 hours after code generation) be changed? That would be great too, but it’s rather a nice-to-have feature, whereas the above described notification in my opinion is a must.

Thank you, keep up the good work!

Great idea. I would also like to know when someone successfully activates my invitation.

Alternatively, it would be good to see a user ‘status’ in the user list.
‘Invited’ or ‘Active’ for example.