Seeking Advice: Intercom Solution Integration with Nuki for Apartment Building Access


I’ve been using Nuki solutions for 6 years now, primarily for managing access in short-term rentals. Additionally, I’ve integrated Nuki Smart Hosting with my Property Management System (PMS) to automate code distribution to guests.

I’m currently working on the renovation of a building comprising 8 units, accommodating both short and long-term tenants.

My objective is to facilitate secure and autonomous access for tenants to the building and their respective apartments, granting them complete control over entry.

While I intend to continue using Smart Locks for the apartments due to their seamless integration with my PMS and my satisfaction with the solution, I am exploring options for the building entrance. Specifically, I need an intercom system with intercom, camera, code access, fingerprint.

After thorough consideration, DoorBird seems promising, not only for its hardware capabilities but also due to its previous integration with Nuki.

My aim is to enable tenants to access the building using dynamic codes, similar to Nuki’s functionality. While I’ve evaluated Nuki Opener, it doesn’t align with my requirements, particularly the necessity for each tenant to possess a unique code for building entry.

To elaborate, I envision the automatic generation of a second code for building entry with each new booking, in addition to the existing code generated for apartment access.

I’ve attached a diagram illustrating the proposed setup for clarity, identifying 2 “missing links” (in red). I would greatly appreciate any insights or information you could offer to address these gaps and advance my project.


  1. What would be the easiest solution to implement this? Not sure if the development must be done between DoorBird and/or my PMS or Nuki.
  2. I would need the same Nuki code to open 2 separate doors with the Keypad. How can I do this?

Thank you for your assistance!

Hello tommy.

We have implemented this solution in our accommodations using the Nuki API service. We have developed a backend with access logic for certain accommodations so that we place the same code on both doors when there is a community door in the middle.

I think you are going to need to develop a backend with logic that meets your need and interacts with various Nuki and Doorbird devices. Normally PMS integrations are very standard and do not accept complexities like these.

Take a look at the API documentation.