Security when distant oppening

Hello, I’m a French guy, I’ve a smart lock pro 3 and iOS phone.
before I had a “the keys” lock, and it was very practical to have a confirmation of locking or unlocking during remote use when it’s distant use .
a small window asking for confirmation.
do you think it is possible to integrate this for Nuki?

also, do you think it is possible to receive notifications each time you use it? opening and closing, with the name of the user .?

If my post does not be here, I remove instantly.
Thanks :blush:

All you are asking for already exists. Notifications are in Smart Lock > Settings > Functions & Configuration and you can request an additional Dialogue for the “unlatch” (Open Door function). If you do not have a latch it’s typically not needed, because locking/unlocking on Nuki already requires 2 key presses and can hardly be done by accident.

And yes, this is rather an end consumer question than a developer question. Please search the help section on the Nuki website for help or ask customer care.