Security - Anti-burglary / Increased security despite Nuki Lock (breakout protection ?)

Product name:
Nuki Smart Lock

Summary / Feature
Is it possible to block the manual unlock / turn directly at the Nuki Smart Lock (block turn knob)?

Reason / Example
If a thieve brakes into a house (as at my neighbor through the basement window), the thieve should not leave the house by the front door with as many things as possible or let more colleagues in. At my neighbor it was not possible, because he had locked the door.
With my Nuki Smart Lock, the thieve could turn or press the turn knob at the Nuki, only. If the Smart Lock knob would be blocked mechanically, the thieves would have to tear off the Nuki Smart Lock, which costs time (if this possibility is detected) and hopefully this is the time it takes until the police arrives.