Secure Auto-Unlock with another bluetooth device (smart watch, wrist band, AirTag, SmartTag)

Product name

Both Nuki Smart lock and Nuki Opener


Secure auto-unlock with additional BT device like smart watch, sport tracker, AirTag, SmartTag. If your phone is stolen, auto-unlock will not allow the thief to open your door.


Almost everybody is now using smart watch or smart sport trackers (MiBand) connected to the phone. This optional feature will enable the check whether the selected bluetooth device is connected just before the auto-unlock processed. It will greatly improve security of auto-unlock, because when somebody would like to use your phone without your attention, the auto unlock will not work.

It will not impact any other functionality or battery consumption. Just in time the auto-unlock should be activated, simple check of connected bluetooth device is performed. If selected securing device is found, then auto-unlock is allowed.

It will NOT prevent manual opening. So when I exceptionally forget my watches I can still open the door by manually using Nuki application. But for this I have to unlock my phone so it is still secure.


I’ve always worried about losing a phone with auto-unlock enabled. Anybody who knows your home address could simply come to your home and auto-unlock will allow him to enter. This feature will prevent this with minimal impact.

Of course this feature will be just optional. Additional security for them who cares.