Scheduled ring suppression for Nuki Opener

Product name

Nuki Opener


I really like the ring suppression of the Nuki Opener. However, it would be a nice option to have scheduled suppression, eg for night time.


Schedule / Time slots for when to suppress bell ring


I like to sleep at night, so if someone rings my bell I am disturbed. I could turn down the intercom in the evening manually, however an automation would be so much more pleasant


  • At nighttime
  • When noone is home anyways, so the neighbours don‘t get disturbed

And please add the suppression to the bridge API. This way this function could be used in a „good night routine“ e.g. turning off lights and music, switch off devices and power sockets that are not used atnight, lock command to the nuki smart lock and basically mute to the door bell / intercom through the nuki opener.

This would be so great to have! I don’t know if a workaround might be possible with the existing API perhaps? Opener configuration already works through the bridge, but not the official API maybe?

This seems to work okay: Opener: set ring suppression automatically on a given schedule - #4 by bvelte

@rbertschinger It works fine via the WebAPI. I also use it in a routine. Don’t know why it’s not supported via Bridge API though.