Scantron Stilux - Nuki Opener - Not working

Hi there,

I’m trying to connect the Nuki Opener to my intercom, Scantron Stilux.

I have used the guide in the app, but I can’t complete the steps around buzzing myself in - the Nuki Opener just won’t do it.

The intercom is used for both opening the gates and the door to my apartment building - this however happens with clicking the same button on the intercom, so this shouldn’t be an issue.

I am in contact with Nuki support, but they are suggesting me to look into the installation guide for unknown intercoms, as “the device has not been tested with intercoms that open 2 doors at the same time”.

I previously had a Nello One connected to my old intercom (Okay Visiodis), which worked flawlessly, but after Nello went down and I got a new intercom (Scantron Stilux), I wanted to try Nuki Opener instead.

I can provide photos of intercom, wiring, etc., but I’m somewhat stuck here.

Anyone has any suggestions or are up for looking through my setup?

Does anyone have any pointers or suggestions, or do I just now have a rather expensive wall-decoration?

Well, unfortunately this intercom appears to be specific to the Danish market. You would probably have better luck with raising the question on a Danish smart home forum, or the manufacturer/Scantron systems installer could help you with identifying the wiring.