Safety: When "open door" via Bridge: Swipe from left ro right (like iPhone) instead of just a simple click

Product name

Nuki Smart Lock 2.0


I want Nuki and “open door” to be more safe when you are far away from home and “suddenly” push the 3. line (open door) instead of the 2. line (unlock the door). This should be done via swiping or fingerprint.

Features and Examples

Imagine I am the administrator and the only one who is allowed to open the door from around the world - using the Bridge. And I am far away from my home and a friend of mine is just playing with my phone and suddenly press on “open door”… and it opens the door :-(.

It would be amazing if the someone like me who, using the Bridge and is far away, have the opportunity for a “double check”, like swiping from one end to the other (as when unlocking the iPhone), or using your fingerprint scanner like in the Samsung S and Note series… to give the “final OK”.

So the wish for the 4 lines in the app (when connected via Bridge) looks like:
*Lock button (no change: a push is enough)
*Unlock button (no change: a push is enough)
*Open door button (change as described above: either swipe from left to right or fingerprint)
*Lock n Go button (no change: a push is enough)


As described above: Safety reasons. We would decrease the likelihood to “suddenly” open the door when you “just” push the 3. line and and not the 2. line on the app.

I made a picture for you all :slight_smile:.

There should be written something like “Swipe to open door”.

duplicate to Remotly opening door only after confirming action by providing Pin, sort of

That is true. I didn’t find it at the begining.

You can close/ delete this request.