Rules for keypad codes?

Are there certain rules that must be followed when creating code? For example, if I try to create the code “129999”, I get this response:

{“detailMessage”: “The supplied value ‘129999’ for parameter ‘code’ is not valid”, “stackTrace”:[], “suppressedExceptions”:[]}

If I take the code “139999” occurs:

{“detailMessage”: “The supplied value ‘13’ for parameter ‘type’ is not valid”, “stackTrace”:[], “suppressedExceptions”:[]}

(This feedback is good in principle, since I assume that the code would be created if a keypad were active. Currently I’m still waiting for the keypad, but I wanted to finish the work on the API before).

As it seems to me, the system does not like the succession of “12” only in the first two places, if I use “12” as the last two numbers it works.

I don’t let the security aspect pass completely, because “111111” is also accepted.

Needs to be a 6 digit number. Can not start with “12” and can not contain “0”.

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Validation rules level 9000.

Seriously, I guess that my dynamic codes, which would also sometimes start with “12” (e.g. 129417), are quite more secure than “111111”.

But well, then I will take that in mind during the dynamic code creation.

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