RSSI value in /list + Bridge-API docs


I’m using bridge fw 2.9.3 with the SmartLock and Keypad.

{“bridgeType”: 1, “ids”: {“hardwareId”: 45XXXYYYY, “serverId”: 13XXXYYYY}, “versions”: {“firmwareVersion”: “2.9.3”, “wifiFirmwareVersion”: “2.2.0”}, “uptime”: 2969, “currentTime”: “2021-04-28T10:39:25+00:00”, “wlanConnected”: true, “serverConnected”: true, “scanResults”: [{“deviceType”: 0, “nukiId”: 469204325, “name”: “Nuki_1BFXXXYYY”, “rssi”: -61, “paired”: true}]}

I’m doing integration with HomeAssistant, and I have some issues:

  1. The RSSI value is related to the Lock-Bridge connection, or the Bridge-WLAN connection? Documentation is not clear about this.

  2. In latest doc I downloaded now (v1.12 - Sep 2, 2020), there’s no indication of the batteryCharging and batteryChargeState attributes provided in /list. I don’t know if it’s the latest doc, I downloaded via official link.

  3. I have a keypad, and in the doc it says that in /list I should find a keypadBatteryCritical attribute, but in my /list output I don’t see this attribute:

[{“deviceType”: 0, “nukiId”: 46XXXYYYY, “name”: “Porta Casa Fiano”, “firmwareVersion”: “2.10.8”, “lastKnownState”: {“mode”: 2, “state”: 3, “stateName”: “unlocked”, “batteryCritical”: false, “batteryCharging”: false, “batteryChargeState”: 68, “doorsensorState”: 2, “doorsensorStateName”: “door closed”, “timestamp”: “2021-04-28T10:33:58+00:00”}}]

Thanks for any help,


That is for the Lock-Bridge connection.

Thanks for the notice. It is the latest one (you can always check the online-version for that Nuki Developers), but in fact the values are still missing. We will add this as soon as possible with the next documentation update

I will try to reproduce this with my test-setup and get back to you.

So it’s the Bluetooth signal’s RSSI, like I imagined. The documentation is not very clear about this.

Yes, that’s where I downloaded it to make sure values were not documented. :slight_smile:

I also tried putting the bridge very close to the Lock, in case there were signal issues, but keypad attribute is never shown.

Thanks a lot for the support Stephan.

On my testsetup I get the
"keypadBatteryCritical": false,
for the /list request :thinking:

And your Bridge seems to have the latest FW 2.9.3 running.
So what still could be the issue is an outdated Keypad firmware. Could you check if there is a FW update available for your Keypad (in Keypad management through the Nuki Api)?

Keypad fw: 1.7.0, should be the latest.

This is the /list output:

[{"deviceType": 0, "nukiId": 4XXXXXYYYYY, "name": "Porta Casa Fiano", "firmwareVersion": "2.10.8", "lastKnownState": {"mode": 2, "state": 3, "stateName": "unlocked", "batteryCritical": false, "batteryCharging": false, "batteryChargeState": 66, "doorsensorState": 2, "doorsensorStateName": "door closed", "timestamp": "2021-04-29T13:15:24+00:00"}}]

Thanks for the quick reply.

I am still not sure what could be the issue (As I assume you also locked once via Keypad (so the keypad battery state had been updated) since the update :wink: ).

We rarely use the keypad, it’s an emergency device for us, so I thought it was really a long time we didn’t use it and I just tried it now, and that was it. :slight_smile:

I thought Nuki knew it had a keypad associated, even if not used. Does it “forget” the associated devices after a while or it’s just that you need to use them at least once?

Thanks for the help Stephan.


[{"deviceType": 0, "nukiId": XXXXXXXXX, "name": "Porta Casa Fiano", "firmwareVersion": "2.10.8", "lastKnownState": {"mode": 2, "state": 3, "stateName": "unlocked", "batteryCritical": false, "batteryCharging": false, "batteryChargeState": 66, "keypadBatteryCritical": false, "doorsensorState": 2, "doorsensorStateName": "door closed", "timestamp": "2021-05-04T09:57:08+00:00"}}]

Good to hear it works now for you.

The data needed to be sent to the connected Smart Lock one time to be shown, so the issue really seems to have been due to sending no lock command throught the Keypad after the FW-update!

Stephan, in latest doc update v1.12.3 I still don’t see batteryCharging and batteryChargeState mentioned.

Sorry, I saw your comment but had no time to check in detail what went wrong (bc everything should be up-to-date). Will do as soon as possible and get back to you.

Ah, now I see what you mean:

The HTML-version is up-to-date (see Bridge API), but the PDF version is missing the information. - I will fix this in the next days.

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