Rongtel MR570C4

Hi, I’ve tried to get the opener Working with a 4 Wire Intercom System from a company called Rongtel.
The only user manual i could find is

I’ve tried to use the Generic mode but could not get it working with one of the wire instructions. Sometimes I’ve got to the step after “push the button to unlock the door” but this was totally random. Sometimes i got to the next step after pushing 10 times “try again”.
The intercom system does also need a ring from the outside before it is able to unlock the door or i have to push multiple buttons to open the door without a ring.
I wonder as i got once to a step that said something like “does you intercom need a ring before it can unlock the door?” but i could not get there again. Not sure if my opener does not work correctly or if it just simply does not support the bus used by that system.

Ok… Bit unrelated to nuki opener but… i just found out that… this system is a bit weird. Just had a look again at the wiring of the system and then saw that… the electronic lock opener is inside of the outer station. That means… i have to remove inbus screws and bridge one cable and the door is open. very secure… I don’t think that this is the ways other vendors are doing this, right?