Roll back firmware

Is there a way to roll back the firmware on the nuki smart lock 3 pro?

Ever since the latest update they are constantly dropping off the network and one of them has died due to a flat battery twice without warning. No issues prior to the update

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I’ve had, and reported issues as well with battery on latest releases. The symptoms on mine are that it reflects that it’s charging when it’s not, and seemingly as a result there are no low battery notifications.

I was first advised to stop automatic battery detection, and then later to return to automatic detection.

Will see how this works out over time, but I think my battery capacity is much lower than it was.

My last charge lasted two weeks on a door that isnt used frequently, previously it was months. I wonder if its related to the wifi, trying to reconnect constantly.

Interestingly my batteries now dont auto detect as the rechargeable pack, its picking them up as alkaline batteries.

I’d consider replacing the cells in mine, but I’m not clear what type to use. Ideas?

With it only being a few months old in my case with only a couple of charge cycles id be looking for a replacement. Outside of that id look to use the standard carrier and some decent rechargeables