Ritto Video-Hausstation - Color (RGE1786770)

Just wanted to know if everything is cabled the right way.
We have a Ritto Video-Hausstation - Color (RGE1786770) and having a front and a back door each with video. When someone rings the video switches to the door where someone rang the bell.

The only thing is that I’m only able to open the other door within the app when i first rang the door i wanted to open. Is there any way to choose the door to be opened?

before cableing the nuki opener
A (red)
B (blue)
ED (white)
ED (blue)

A (orange, green) [red to red and yellow opener + orange and green back to ritto]
B (black, blue) [black from opener to ritto]
ED (white)
ED (blue)
after cableing the nuki opener

Hi! I think this is wrong, because you just need the "a,b,ED1,ED2, for the opener, the other blocks of your intercom are looking about the video blocks, and the opener does nothing with video.

Yes so I only Change a and b and not the other plug for the Video :slight_smile:

Yes, for all wiring for the opener, just use a,b,ed1,ed2. And if your model is not listed, try generic bus for setup.