Ritto 7630/x0 detects every ring from other apartments

Try a fresh setup with generic bus, and maybe turn on developer mode.

Hi tried configuration with generic bus. First everything looked good, opener has detected ringing and opened.
But i wasn‘t able to finish the configuration.

Hi Markus, is your opener connected to your Bridge?

Hi Rose,
Thank you for your support. After I had no success even with the support I just ordered a new opener. The new one worked perfect. Seems like I got a defective one.

I hope Nuki will make me a offer an just send me the money I paid for the new one.

Hi! Good that it works now! And I think nuki will refund you!

Hi Tim, yes opener is connected to Bridge.
I configured again as Ritto. Opener still detects Every neightbor ringing



Hi again! Please check the firmware on your opener and write it here, because slowly I think this is a issue of the newer firmware!? If you have the older one now, then immediately disable automatic firmware updates, because when I am right, you would loose the function again, when the opener updates itself!

Unfortunately the opener automatically updated Last week when i received. 1.6.4 is the version

Sorry for That, i recognized @Rose_Languste replies to tim

Indeed, the new one is still on 1.5.3!

Turn off automatic firmware updates immediately, and please write this to nuki, this is very important!

Ask for a device switch with older firmware, or maybe a nuki employee can from away downgrade the opener!?