Risk of damage to entire apartment intercom system?

Just curious if anyone has damaged their whole apartment intercom system by rewiring the intercom or what is the risk of this actually happening? I’ve recently realised I probably need a new handset and have been reading up and quite a few comments in other forums are that there is a risk of “blowing” the whole system if done incorrectly. I know this is probably more specific to putting in an incompatible handset but also wasn’t sure the risk of fiddling with the current wiring altogether.

I had problems getting mine to work and basically ended up switching - and + on the bus (yes), which led to the standard (non-Nuki) department end going completely unresponsive even though disconnecting the Nuki device, but completely disconnecting everything(!) a couple of minutes and reconnecting waiting a couple of minutes brought everything back alive. I believe these systems are build pretty safe guarded and somewhat self healing (e.g. of shortages) as errors can be critical. However I never got Nukia to work opening doors because the problem was missing support for dual door. It was a Siedle BTS system BTW.

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