Ring to open for Smart Lock (in connection with Opener)

Product name

Smart lock and Opener


The opener can (could technically) distinguish between ring from the house door and ring from the flat door. (For my bell sytem only a ring from the house door triggers opener actions).
It would be great to use ring-to-open for the smartlock, if an opener is installed

Features / Reason & Example

If Smartlock and Opener are installed (and both connected):

  • ring to open for smartlock should be possible

  • example: Auto-unlock is active, i go up the stairs, but get into a talk with a neighbor or something else. I can hear my door opening two stories above without me being there. Would be better to activate ring-to-open if 1) i enter the geofence and 2) the smartlock detects my phone. When i then 3) ring the flat bell, the lock should open

This feature is so overdue!