Ring to open doesn't work on Koch TC30

I have installed Nuki opener on my Intercom Koch TC30 and have an issue with “Ring to open” function - it doesn’t work… When I ring having “Ring to open” activated, then the ring in the apartment ring, but has a strange interruption after 1 sec and, of course, door is not opening.

Here is my connection schema:

“Open” function from the app works well and open the door.

Could you pls. help me to solve an issue.

Thanks in advance!

br, Yev.

Hi Yev
Did you get it to work? I also have a Koch TC30 and can’t get it to work. The first try with Green/Orange in A and Black in B and Original A connected with Yellow/Red doesn’t work at all, that way not even the original intercom works anymore.

The second try suggedsted by the app ( Black in A and Green/Orange in B and Original B connected with Yellow/Red) keeps the intercom working and Nuki recognizes the door bell but doesn’t open the door.

Nevermind. After a reset it works now with the second option. Don’t know why, didn’t do anything different than the first try.

What did you reset? The Opener? How? Factory settings?

Yes, the opener. I don’t remember how, but you will find instructions to reset it to factory defaults online.